Intuitive Readings with Tammy S


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Angel Intuitive

Sometimes we need clarity, reassurance, and wisdom to move forward in life. I offer guidance with the help of God and the Angels. My psychic gifts allow me to connect and decipher the energies around you, so I may provide insight where needed. As a Lightworker, I am blessed with intuitive abilities that allow me to communicate messages of love, peace, and anything pertaining to your spiritual awakening. Additionally, as an Empath, I am sensitive to others’ emotions, thoughts, and physical feelings.

With my belief system and my ability to quiet the ego and rational mind, I serve as a conduit to relay healing messages from Divine to you.

My spiritual path has evolved from my relationship with the Angels and an understanding of the Trinity. I developed my gifts through prayer, meditation, study, and practice. This has helped me reach my goals and aspirations, and it is my passion to help you do the same regardless of your belief systems.

Tammy Shea is a Certified Professional and Spiritual Coach through the World Coach Institute and a Certified Angel Intuitive Practitioner through Angels Talk. She has credentials in Psychology and has continued to self-educate on the philosophy of metaphysics for the past twenty years.

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