Leo Zodiac 7 Day Candle Pink/Yellow


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Zodiac Leo 7 Dav Candle
Birthdate-(July 23-Aug.22)
Your Most Likeable trait: Generosity, Exuberance, Born Entertainer
SYMBOL: The Lion (Regal, brave, dominating, sometimes insolent. Possessing nobility and pride.)
Ruling Planet:
The Sun Element: Fire Dominant
Keyword: I WILL.
Magical Birthstones: Ruby & Onyx, Peridot(Protects against physical injury & insures faithfulness. It also brings its wearer serenity of mind.)
Special Flowers: Sunflower, Marigold & Gladiolus
Special Colors: Gold & Orange (The magnetic colors of
the Sun) Lucky Numbers: 8 & 9
Lucky Day: Sunday
Part of the body ruled by Leo: Back, Spine and the Heart. 

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