Taurus Zodiac 7 Day Candle Blue/Yellow


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Zodiac Taurus 7 Dav Candle
Birthdate (Apr.20-May.20) Your Most Likeable traits: Dependable, Creative &
Emotionally Sensitive SYMBOL: The Bull (Strong, stubborn, plodding, can be both fierce
and gentle.) Ruling Planet: Venus Element: Earth Dominant Keyword: I HAVE. Magical
Birthstone: Emerald (Protects against infidelity & deceit, insures loyalty & improves
memory.) Special Flowers: Violet, Poppy & Lily of the Valley Special Colors: Pale Blue &
Mauve (The soft color of refinement and gentleness) Lucky Numbers: 6 & 4 Lucky Day:
Friday Part of the body ruled by Taurus: The Neck & Throat.

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