White Sage And Black Lavender Smudge – Largene


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With this White Sage & Black Lavender Smudge Stick, you can cleanse away any negativity wihile a calming, soothing fragrance fills the air. White sage is famous for its ability to cleanse negative energy from the air. It is antibacterial and antimicrobial. Research has found that is can also elevate mood and reduce stress. Some have even reported that it reduces pain.

Black lavender is a unique herbal blend with musky, floral scents. Lavender is burned for both cleansing and blessing. It has a classically soothing scent that relaxes you after a long day. Combined with the bright, herbaceous scent of white sage, this smudge stick will not only rid your space of negativity, but will also fill it with a soothing aroma.

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