Yarrow Flower


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Yarrow is great if you want to set magickal boundaries. It can help you regulate creative energies so that you have a steady flow of inspiration. Use this magickal herb if you want a little steadiness and calm in your life as it’s a herb which improves intentional restraint and precision. Yarrow is an excellent healer of emotional wounds. 

Place yarrow over doorways to protect from negative energies. For powerful protection, pick yarrow flowers and charge them in the sun. Once charged, take the flowers and sprinkle them outside all the way around your home. This will keep any negative influences and energies away from your home. Yarrow can be used very effectively to banish bad habits in this way as well. 

YARROW – used for healing, courage, self-esteem, and for overcoming fear. Taking a ritual bath with yarrow is said to increase psychic abilities. Also used to break curses.

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