Aura Photography Session

Aura Photography Session

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Aura imaging, or aura photography, is a way of capturing and revealing the unique energy in your biofield. Your aura is a reflection of your personal electromagnetic field and is a energetic mirror image of you. It includes your consciousness, unconsciousness and super-consciousness. It shows your physical health, your mental attitudes, your subjective feelings, unresolved issues and conditions, as well as your connection to source.

Your image will depict your mind-body connection by displaying the colors of your energy field as they pulse and radiate around the body. Utilizing the rainbow of colors that represent your seven chakras, an aura image or photograph will show you what your energy looks like.

Along with basic aura information, it may supply additional data as well. What you receive from your session includes:

  • Real-time onscreen 3D model of your aura with notes about what it means.
  • Printed graph representation of your aura.
  • Text description of your aura.
  • A headshot with a computer-generated representation of your aura around it .
  • 3D simulation of aura from all angles around your body.
  • Description of where energy may need more balancing in the chakras and aura.